To realise the potentials of our employees, we strive to create a pleasant, safe, motivated and respectful environment for our employees, and support their continuous growth and development.

We believe that developing and maximizing our employees’ potentials is the key to sustain our successive business growth, and simultaneously enhance the job satisfaction of our people. We provide opportunities for our people to learn and develop through a series of training and focus on broadening their knowledge, skills and organizational capabilities.

We are committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for our employees. We believe this improves performance at work and brings benefits to our people.


Quality is of utmost importance to our Group. We conduct quality inspection of the raw materials delivered by our suppliers to ensure that their quality meets all requisite standards. We have stringent criteria in monitoring the production process and ensure that the production process meets our required standards. We carry out final quality inspection of our finished products to spot any defects and check compliance with our customers’ specifications.


We strive to minimize adverse impacts on the environment and maximize resources efficiency in our operations. We encourage our employees to participate environmental protection and energy conservation in daily operations.


Being a socially responsible corporate, it is our responsibility to give back to the society where we have a business presence. We aim to create social values to the local communities by exerting our influence. We encourage our people to devote their time and share their skills to help for the needy in our communities through participating different voluntary services.